Projective Dynamics: Fusing Constraint Projections for Fast Simulation


Sofien Bouaziz        Sebastian Martin        Tiantian Liu        Ladislav Kavan        Mark Pauly

EPFL                             VM Research                     UPenn                          UPenn                           EPFL


We present a new method for implicit time integration of physical systems. Our approach builds a bridge between nodal Finite Element methods and Position Based Dynamics, leading to a simple, efficient, robust, yet accurate solver that supports many different types of constraints. We propose specially designed energy potentials that can be solved efficiently using an alternating optimization approach. Inspired by continuum mechanics, we derive a set of continuum- based potentials that can be efficiently incorporated within our solver. We demonstrate the generality and robustness of our approach in many different applications ranging from the simulation of solids, cloths, and shells, to example-based simulation. Comparisons to Newton-based and Position Based Dynamics solvers highlight the benefits of our formulation.

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